About Sye




I am a young woman in flux and I can admit that.

The inspiration for this blog stems from my yearning for self-growth and my constant development in the wake of a confusing time. Over the years I have lost and found several different aspects about myself from my experiences in college, studying abroad, and the string of months (it bothers me to mention ‘years’) that I’ve returned home to the REAL WORLD.

Following a depression instigated by several forms of transition, I have become somewhat of a habit seeker. Good habits of course!! But also, old good habits. I found that one of the toughest realities to come to terms with after the busyness of university and the  swept-up-ness of a relationship was that along the way I had lost a lot of my favorite hobbies due to time or compromise.

I “used to be” :

  • An up to 5am in-the-zone kinda writer
  • A Pop-HipHop-Bollywood-AfroCarribean-Culturally-Embrasive Dancer
  • An obsessive cartoonist/ Cartoon Connoisseur
  • A creeper real life-drawing sketch artist
  • An avid craftswoman

And assorted other roles including

  • Psychology major (Psych!!!)
  • and Campus Leader/ Every-friend.

And more recently I can add:

  • Semi-intermediate Yogini
  • Hippie at heart
  • Film Freelancer [Subtitles: Scripty & Wardrobe]

And of course Emerging Adult! AKA 20-Something Life Newbie!

BOY! That’s a lost of bullets! It is for those reasons that I’d like for this blog to be my hobby-habit! To encourage me to engage in those things I like doing. Rebuilding all my different ‘sydes’ and exploring the new ones that pop up!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I’ve got going on!



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