The Trials of Consistency

Blogging is hard.

Correction, accumulating one’s thoughts into concise enough bite-size nuggets of witty goodness and sustaining that across a weekly momentum is hard.

And I know, I know, that’s not necessarily what everyone’s asking from me, but it is what I’m asking from me…

Suffice to say I have found my previous “Blogging Schedule” over ambitious…


Though I’d hoped that announcing of such a program would kick my butt into gear, the simple fact is, I still need to lay down the groundwork to make producing a slew of blog posts easier and more natural for me.

Believe me there is no shortage of ideas!

It’s just that life is busy and complicated and distracting and woo-boy is it ever tedious!

I think what I’d like to accomplish, rather than a Monday this, Tuesday that, Wednesday cha-cha-cha sort of set up is to try to post something at least once a week.

I have no idea what it’ll be until I find a feature I particularly like writing! And so on and forth.

Thanks to those of you who follow my blog and like what I have to say. I do have sooo much to say as I am going though this journey and I’d like to post more about the particular difficulties and helpful anecdotes that I am accumulating along my way back to a unified self!

Please feel free to ask me questions about this blog or what I mean by “sydes” of self! I look forward to hearing from you!




One thought on “The Trials of Consistency

  1. Finding your blog rhythm is rough! I’m still trying to find that sweet spot, but I try to post once a week, as you stated. I’ve slipped up a couple of times, but overall, once a week is pretty doable:)


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