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7 New Ways to Fall (Back) in Love with Yourself

At the start of this year I made a point of doing something entirely new to show myself I care. I’ve dedicated one day a month specifically for self-care. The current flexibility of a part-time job, coupled with some advanced planning has afforded me to take a pre-scheduled day off once a  month through June (I chose every 18th as a monthiversary of my birthday <3).

So far I’ve populated these days with pampering. Scheduling massages -which I NEVER have (shout out to Groupon!)- and personal maintenance for hair, nails, etc. I’ve also planned dinner with friends, dance classes, long talks with far away friends, video game time, and TV show binges . And to think tomorrow will be only the second time I’ve done this!

I’m proud of myself for making a commitment to show a little love to myself on a regular basis. I think, “Gee, thanks me for paying so much attention today!” and in response I’m all like, ” You’re welcome Sye, I got yo back forevaaaa!”


And I LOVE myself for that! Because who else is gonna look after me but me? And there are all kinds of little things to be done to fall deeper in love with who I am.

In fact, I came up with a few!


 1. Check yo Fine Self Out

Go to your favorite clothing store and pick a bunch of clothes to try on, take your time with each outfit and give yourself a look over. Strike a few poses, and have no shame! (Bonus! Buy something you look great in!)


2. Score Your Movie-Life

Make a playlist of songs you’d want to play in the movie of your life. Pick songs linked to good memories or those that hype you up. Imagine yourself in some dynamic scenes and play it on repeat!


3. Take a Romantic Walk of One

Go on a long leisurely stroll in a park, on the beach (or the snow as the case might be).  Practice mindfulness by paying attention to your thoughts and the world around you. Take note of the pressure of each step on the ground. Become intimate with the particular quality of comfort in what you’re wearing, what you see, and hear. Take big deep breaths and get in touch with…(dramatic pause)…it all.


4. Go Fishing for Flattery

Ask your friends, family, co-workers, and local corner store owners to mention a time they looked up to or were impressed by you. Be sure to ask a whole bunch of people and you’re sure to get a big ego boost!


5. Stalk Yourself!

You know what to do. Head to your chosen social media outlet (or 2 or 3) and scroll through every picture! Linger on those great photos of yore and relive the memories of fun times. Go as far back as you can and tease yourself by reading posts from years ago. See if you have any gems! You know you do 😉


6. Quantify Your Qualities

Sit right down and make a list of all your best qualities and the things you love about yourself. Dig deep; this task is often difficult. If it helps go in alphabetical order, or by category. Just make sure it’s whatever YOU like about yourself, and not what you think others would like. When you’ve got it, stick it on the wall so you don’t forget what makes you amazing!


7. Do the Thing!

Take yourself to do something you’d LOVE to do but never had the chance to. Even planning it way ahead of time will make you so grateful for your good thinking.





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