Dancing Queen

Awaken the Dancer

I have been a dancer since I was 3 years old.

Lipstick still ON POINT!

[Lipstick still ON POINT!]

I danced Jazz, Tap, and Ballet. Yes different but always at once. From 3 years old to around 10 I did all three. There wasn’t a color of tutu or dazzling pants that had yet to grace my baby body.


Dancing was a natural part of me. I became so used to ballet bars, tap shoes, balance beams, and recitals that to this day I would say that it’s definitely influenced my day-to-day life.

Examples include:

  • My obsession with sequence and all things shiny (including, but not limited to: earrings, hats, accessories, and bags)
  • My ability to ride the subway without holding onto the poles (sometimes)
  • The habit of standing in 1st or 4th position just in regular life… (Whyyyy?)
  • Understanding my body through the lens of movement
  • And occasionally sashaying instead of walking

After 10 years old my relationship with dance became more casual. I took the occasional jazz or hiphop class in middle school, and in High School I had the option to switch from regular gym to ‘dance’ gym (best decision ever). I performed in one show in HS to the Evanescence song ‘My Immortal’ and that was pretty much it.

Until College.

I can definitely say I took full advantage of the opportunity for cultural exploration offered to me at university. I WAS IN SO MANY CULTURE CLUBS. My two die-hards being the South East Asian Club and the South Asian Student Association. Aka, I became completely obsessed with Bollywood and fairly buried in the land of K-pop (but hey…who hasn’t? AmIrite?)

I found myself reawakened with my return to dance. A habit formed wherein I was doing a performance every semester, resulting in rehearsals for months before, often for 2 or 3 different numbers. I was a dancing machine! Even while abroad one of the only involvements I had in one of the University of Melbourne’s campus clubs was a dance group.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So after 4 solid years of dance immersion, you can imagine how it struck me in my first year after graduation that to dance I’d need to buy classes…

With what money?

Times were desperate. I had no clue how my body would be affected by this change. I struggled with pent up energy and muscle tension from lack of exercise. It’s crazy how those things you never even noticed will affect you in a huge way.

For an immediate response I got into the easiest thing I could find


Yes. For Christmas I asked for 4 different Just Dance games, and received just that. The next few months where a blur of living room romps involving a lot of sweat! Actually, the game worked perfect for me. I was able to get rid of all that anxious energy on a whim and have fun to boot! (Plus I was a blast at parties!)

However….as with most things in life the busier I got the less time and mental space I had to take a few moments of blissful videogame dance. I was back to square one.

BUT! I am revitalizing my effort to reestablish this syde of myself! A few times towards the end of last year I FINALLY pushed myself to drop into a few dance classes (a decision aided by a few new friends and even a date!) I can now say that I officially have a class card for NYC’s Broadway Bodies.

I’ve found comfort in the closeness of the choreographers in this company and they have a atmosphere that makes me feel good for just wanting to shake it!

Though they specifically appealed to me for their focus on current music, I intend for this small commitment to grow throughout the year. Later I’ll take Bollywood, Hiphop, Ballroom, Dancehall, whichever! And I’ll keep you all tuned in on this journey.

So come with me on a journey through dance. I promise you’ll look forward to this one!



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