Lessons in the Self

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this, my first year out of college, it’s that life changes quickly around you and you’ve got to roll with the bumpy ride.

I’ve always been an idea-girl. Creative. Lively. Observant.

My specialties include: Writing, Sewing, Reading, Dancing, Drawing, Psychology, Research, Exploring, Dressing Up, Friend Wrangling, Cartoon Watching, Fan-Girling, Crowd Pleasing, Smiling, Laughing, Dreaming, Believing, and Making the occasional funny.

These and several other fantastic traits have been proven and confirmed time and again throughout my life and were things, I’ll admit, ….I was pretty much aware of. But this year I learned of several other sides of me, some sides which I may have been somewhat conscious of, others entirely new to.

I’m talkin bout those nagging negative tendencies and bad habits picked up that were otherwise masked by the routine and structure of my life thus far…

Procrastination, Poor Time-management, Selfishness, Self-hindrance, Naivete, Know-it-all-ness, Unintended Self-isolation, Indecision, Worry, Anxiety, and an unfortunate penchant for depression.

These and a few other factors served to spiral me into a world full of depression, anxiety, and a storm of not-rightiness. I neglected the things that I loved, and at times the people, too. I lost in love, in time, and in favor, and boy was it hard to realize that I had to own up to it.

But I did. And I moved forward.

I’m still moving forward, slowly trying to reincorporate myself back into my present. Picking up old hobbies, fleshing out new ones. Learning new skills and forming new bonds as well as strengthening old ones. Reaching out to my friends, far and wide, and not letting the ‘bad’ ruin any of my good!

I recently read a list of quotes by Eckhart Tolle, a New York Times Best Selling Spiritual author. Quite a few stuck out to me, and I’m sure I’ll share them bit by bit, but there’s one I want to put here, in my first post:

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.”

I have really embraced this concept, that all that is happening and all that has is a part of the process of your growth. I have learned exponentially from this time in the “real world” and I’m learning lessons every day. I’m also better able to reflect now on previous events and circumstances and how they have helped to form the young woman I am today.

I’d like to share all of this, my own growth and self-exploration, as well as learn from others who’ve been through similar experiences. Yes, from the point of view of a 20-something, but also from others who may remember what it’s like to have so much new enter their lives and reflecting, remember how those experiences helped them to grow.

I’m so excited to share with you. Let’s carry on with the ride!


One thought on “Lessons in the Self

  1. Great post! Really enjoyed it and thanks for understanding that the older ones amongst us can share your experience by looking back and reflecting on times when so much new entered our lives, and still does, and we survived to tell the tale!


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